Assessment Cycle

The Assessment Cycle:

January 1st of each year-your property is assessed by the Township Assessor.

The Assessor completes the revisions and turns the assessment roll over to the Supervisor of Assessments.

Written notices of the Assessor’s revisions are mailed to the taxpayers by the County.

The Supervisor of Assessments makes revisions to the assessment roll as necessary and publishes in the local newspapers a list of all parcels where values changed from the previous year.

The assessment roll is turned over to the Board of Review. Within 30 days of the above publication, assessment complaints may be filed with the Board of Review.

The Board of Review holds hearings into the assessment complaints filed and revises the assessment roll as necessary.

When the Board of Review completes your hearing, it can apply an Equalization Factor on a Township basis if the level of assessment is too low or greater than the State required 33.33% (one-third) of market value.

Public hearings are held into the Board of Review’s intent to equalize.
If equalization is necessary the Board of Review sends written notice of the change in valuation to each taxpayer. The Board also publishes in the local newspapers, the revisions due to assessment complaint hearings.

After written notice of the Board of Review revisions, the taxpayer may within 30 days file an assessment complaint with the State of Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.

The Board of Review turns the assessment roll over to the County Clerk, where tax rates are determined. The roll is then certified to the County Treasurer.

Tax bills are prepared for mailing by the County Treasurer. The bills are usually mailed by May first and due in two equal payments, June 1st and September 1st.

Therefore as an example, an assessment placed on your property as of January 1, of this year causes a tax bill to be issued by May of next year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does Sycamore Township have Individual Property Information available online?

A. The only individual parcel information online is available at You can find recent assessment, sales as well as lot size on that site. As far as Square footage, age, specific interior details on properties no, that information is not currently online.

Q. Will I be notified if my assessment changes?

A. Yes, if your property is re-assessed by the Township Assessor, or the County has made any changes you will receive a notice of assessment change in the mail. The new assessment will also appear in the newspaper. *****IF the only change to your assessment is due to a multiplier or equalization factor (usually applied township-wide, based on sales data), the factor will be published in a local paper, but no individual notices will be sent.****** In Dekalb County, all such notifications and publications are handled by the Chief County Assessment Officer (Supervisor of Assessments).

Q. My assessed value has been declining, why is my tax bill higher?

A. There are two factors that determine your tax bill: A) The Assessed Value and B) The Tax Rate. The assessed value is determined by the Township assessor. The tax rate is determined by the local taxing bodies; School District, Park District, City, County, etc. Assessed values can decline, and if the taxing bodies levy for more money tax rates will increase causing your bill to increase.

Q. When I get my tax bill, is it too late to complain?

A. Generally Yes. It is too late to appeal for that assessment year, unless you have already filed with the Board of Review. It might still beneficial to talk with the Assessor, if you have not done so already, for the current assessment year.

Q. What can I do if I disagree with my assessed value?

A. First, contact your township assessor’s office for an explanation of your assessment. The Assessor will probably ask you for your data supporting your opinion of your property’s value. Such data could include such things as comparable properties with supporting sales data, a recent appraisal of your property, or a request for inspection if poor condition is claimed. You may also file a complaint with your local Board of Review, on forms available at the Chief County Assessor’s Office.

Q. Can I examine the Assessor’s records to be sure they have the correct information on my property?

A. Yes, you may contact us for that information. Not only is information on your home available, records about other homes are also accessible.

Q. I have questions about an exemption that I am supposed to have on my property?

A. Any questions about exemptions should be directed to the Supervisor of Assessments Office, Please call 815 895 7120.You can find information on the individual exemptions in Sycamore Township at

The Variables in your Tax Formula:

-Assessed Value is determined by Your Township Assessor along with the County Assessment office to assess your property at one-third of its fair market value.

-Your tax Rate is determined by the taxing bodies you support, ie: School, libraries, college, county, forest, township, city, park, road & bridge districts. To reduce your taxes attend their meetings; See how your tax dollars are being spent! And make your feelings known.

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